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Having a Problem with Error 1327?

If you are getting error 1327 there is a big chance that your registry is corrupt. It's not the end of the world BUT you should definitely fix it as soon as possible. Having a corrupt registry on your computer can sometimes lead to all kinds of other issues, one of them being a complete system crash. Fix your registry and errors before it gets worse!

How to Fix Error 1327

That should fix it for you. If you'd like to know more about error itself please read on. Error 1327 is usually associated with an invalid drive and/or problems with the information in your registry. Your computer will usually alert you about the error when you're trying to run an program installation. People most commonly experience it when trying to install Microsoft Office 2000 from what I have heard. As a side note, a manual fix for the error does exist but I highly recommend using the free error tool unless you're pretty knowledgeable about Windows and have some sort of IT background.


Trying to fix this type of registry error yourself is risky because you're basically modifying the "configuration" file for your entire computer. Any wrong changes here and you're going to end up with even more issues than you started with, not a great idea! At the end of the day these errors are just a pain to remove, I honestly can suggest using the automated tool.

Hopefully I've helped out a few frustrated PC users!
Josh M.

Posted: 1/29/2010 by Josh

3 Comments for "Having a Problem with Error 1327?"

By Jacqueline B. 8:34 AM
Thanks SO much! I couldn't figure out why i've been getting error 1327 for the longest time!
By PCFixGuy 1/31/2010 1:55 PM

Josh, you're the man. Finally found the fix for this.

By ChrisJones 1/30/2010 11:48 AM
Awesome tip, fixed it right away. I've been trying to get rid of this error for months now. I need to upgrade to XP soon.

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